Why is there economic crisis?

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ADNAN OKTAR: Economical frailty is a product of specific planning. I can tell you how it is done underlying constructs. It is brought about by means of extensive structuring. Otherwise, prosperity could be achieved in no time. In the era of Hazrat Mahdi (as), the activities of this committee, this group will be temporarily ceased, which, in turn, will lead to widespread prosperity. There will be an immense transfer of possessions and goods. People will be so prosperous that they will want to give away of their excess possessions. Even those on the receiving end of the charity will regret doing so because their houses will be so stuffed to the brim, they will not be able to receive more. But under Hazrat Mahdi's (as) leadership, such prosperity will not damage the society. Following the deaths of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Jesus Messiah, such a high level of prosperity will lead to decadence among people. This will result in a mischief of immense proportions arising from widespread wealth. Society in general will have a falling out, which will trigger another period of poverty. All these will take place owing to the efforts of the said committee. With the Day of Judgment on the horizon, there will be no property, asset or work of art left on earth. The whole tracts of land will lie in ruins, so much so that it will be impossible to find a building that is standing. Few people will be left alive as massacres and murders will plague the entire world, where Godless, irreligious, bloodthirsty terrorist gangs will reign supreme.  As you know, such gangs are defined as Gog and Magog in the Qur'an. The 33rd verse of Surah az-Zukhruf elucidates this issue. Almighty God says; Were it not that mankind might all become one community (in rebellion against God)..." In other words, the disbelievers unite under a single nation,       eliminating any distinction between Muslims and disbelievers, may God forbid. "...We would have given those who reject the All-Merciful silver roofs to their houses and silver stairways to ascend," Had they not become one community against God. "Silver roofs" says God, emphasizing the power of wealth; "...to their houses and silver stairways to ascend." In other words God says He would establish an untold civilization of immense wealth.


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