It would be great if Donald Trump holds monthly meetings with Jews, Christians and Muslims

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ADNAN OKTAR: Trump should make his meetings with religious people into a custom. He should hold monthly meetings if he could; I do not know but probably the state covers expenses of such meetings. Inviting a thousand Christians, a thousand Jews and a thousand Muslims, a total of 3000 people together. I suggested that earlier, and he did as we suggested quickly; a wonderful gesture which delighted me greatly and deepened my respect for him. He was very meticulous about the number, too. If the state does not cover the expenses, he could hold the meeting from his own pocket as hosting 3000 people would not be a problem for him. The issue here is not the food that will be served there; it is talking about God, religion, and Muslims, Christians and Jews socializing with each other. Establishing such a custom would be quite meaningful as well as impactful in giving rise to a mentality that will completely eliminate the terrorism and anarchy in the US. Because it is beautiful in terms of its symbolic meaning. It should be continued as a monthly custom. It would be beautiful and impressive; but even if he cannot hold it monthly, he could do it bimonthly. But doing it monthly would be more effective. It will only yield positive results.

He should continue with dinner parties. Of course, holding them monthly is essential. There should be a church bell to toll, seven separate shofars to be blown, and a muezzin to recite prayer, all done simultaneously before the dinner. This is how they should do it. Church bell, shofar and prayer; all three of them should be present. Jews, Muslims and Christians should all share the same tables; tables should not be separately allocated to each religious group. They should sit and eat altogether, not at separate tables. They should also read the related verse of the Quran where God says, "You can eat the food of the People of the Book." The Hafiz should recite the verse in Arabic. They should also recite the commandments of the Torah and the Bible that promote brotherhood, love and good neighborly relations in their original languages. Jews can read them in Hebrew and Arabic. And Christians can read the verses of the Bible in whichever language they prefer.


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