It is the movement of the Mahdi that shapes the history of the world and also the foundation of the UN

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ADNAN OKTAR: If the Mahdi movement were not of great significance, if this was not true, I would not lay emphasis so much on this subject. I would not emphasize the issue if it were not for its extraordinariness and unequivocal evidence. The world history is clearly designed for the coming of Mahdi. I was utterly astonished by this fact, but it is completely true. For the last 3500 years, the path of history has been leading to the appearance of the Mahdi movement. The Mahdi movement is the reason of Freemasonry's as well as the Knight Templar's foundation. Every incident occurs to that end. The purpose of the United Nations too is the Mahdi movement. The rabbi who visited us said so himself. Besides, it has the purpose of Mahdi movement written on its wall of UN. The reign of Islam will not be brought about by sects or religious orders. They will be a mere part of it. It will be established by the participation of the whole world; by the participation of the United Nations, the Freemasonry, the Knight Templars, the Russian, Chinese and the American politics. Muslims too will partake in it. This is the purpose behind the United Nations' foundation. This is the purpose behind the world Freemasonry, as well. Everything has been planned according to it from the very beginning. It is not that I find this astonishing, or that I insist the Mahdi movement is a religious duty. But the events have been unfolding towards that direction. I tell this to everyone that what concerns us is the 55th verse of Surah an-Nur, the verse regarding Islam's global reign: "Fight them until there is no more discord and the religion is God’s alone." (Surah al-Baqara, 193) The two verses are our main goal. But wherever we turn to, we see the Mahdi movement. The evidence is crystal clear. Our Prophet (saas) utters the name of Abdullah Ocalan and informs about his actions. He gives the names of the former leader of the Syrian regime and his brother, and his son who replaced him.

If the British deep state does not attempt to bring down the Mahdi movement, the reign of the Mahdi movement is not established. This is an astounding secret. If it were not for the British deep state's struggle for destroying the Mahdi movement, the reign of Mahdi movement would not be realized. In other words, the British deep state has to act as the dajjal so that Mahdi carries out his duty as Mahdi. This is a secret that is as amazing as it is curious.

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