It is astonishing that people choose fighting and wars over the easy path of brotherhood

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ADNAN OKTAR: It is so easy for the whole world to come together as brothers and sisters. It is astonishing that people choose to drag out the conflicts and quarrels. Fighting and causing tumult is arduous work. They estimate the coordinates, and then launch airstrikes on houses, hospitals, public places; turning all the place into bloodbath. The world is knee-deep in terror, tumult and villainy; hospitals are full of injured people. Why don't you rain down food, books, or chocolate for the children instead of bombs? I do not understand the reason behind this villainy. Moreover, they make it seem like a difficult task. We say, "The Islamic world should unite," to which they reply, "But how?" What causes separation? Does it have any logic to it? It is as if we are in a dream; there is something peculiar about this. It is a miracle. There is no reason that keeps the world from becoming one big brotherhood. For example, our guests are from Croatia. There are Christians among them, and Jews, and some of them are Greeks; yet all of them are wonderful people. I do not understand what the problem is with these people. We had a rabbi guest, who was an exceptionally polite and well-behaved person. His mere concern is love, friendship and brotherhood. What is the point of causing tumult? What is the point of resorting to villainy?

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