In response to atheists: What is the purpose behind the creation of the universe?

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ADNAN OKTAR: "What is the meaning of a trial, the results of which are already known beforehand?" asks Tunç. Love and passion. God wants to be loved. Because without love, heaven would lose its meaning. Universe would lose its meaning; everything would lose its meaning. They all find meaning in love and passion. Otherwise, what is the point? The heavenly palaces, streams, fruits... All would be pointless without love and passion. And to achieve true love, we have to go through training, suffering. In fact people do so themselves, too; they have girlfriends, and if their girlfriends are not patient, this upsets them. And it makes them happy when they show loyalty. They cry when their girlfriends leave them. All the songs are about crying. It is because faithfulness, fidelity is lost. What does religion ensure? It ensures fidelity, faithfulness and patience. My friends have always been by my side for years with an unfaltering love. But relationships of such people do not even last a week before their girlfriends leave them. Why? Because they have not been instilled with religious or Qur'anic moral values, or because they do not understand the Qur'an. Had they truly understood the Qur'an, they would never suffer such misery. 

BEYZA BAYRATKAR: The love we feel toward you grows ever stronger with each passing day.

ADNAN OKTAR: How can there be love without suffering, without any basis? Once we have mastered love, God takes us into His heaven where there is no harm in living ordinary lives in mansions etc. In fact, people see God -He appears in the form of a young man-, and when they see Him, they immediately attempt to prostrate before Him; God tells them, "You do not need to prostrate anymore. That time is over. You have completed your trial. You have finished your education, and now it is time for love." Love and passion. "I will visit you frequently. You will see Me, and I will see you," says God, for eternity. Hell will also exist for eternity and people will see it. Love does not occur out of nothing: love does not exist without going through such an education. Most people do not know what love is. I am referring to certain people who constantly make hateful comments on the internet aimed at each other. These people do not know love. This is the consequence of lack of such education. What difference would it make if you put these people in a palace or a garden adorned with fruits and flowers? It would bore, exasperate them all the same.


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