Some Muslims reject the Mahdi chosen by God and look for a false Mahdi among themselves

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ADNAN OKTAR: God tells Muslims, "I will choose your leader, not you." And He says, "I chose Mahdi as your leader." And some Muslims say, "We reject the leader God chose for us, we will find our own leader." Then, Shiites kill Sunnis, Sunnis kill Shiites; copious amounts of blood are shed under the howitzer bombardments and mortar fire. Their salvation simply lies in choosing the leader God has sent for them. But they seek to choose their own leader, which leads to dissent and conflict among Shiites, Sunnis, politicians etc. as each wants one of their own people to become the leader. Thus, it gave rise to 30 different Mahdi candidates. The Islamic world is engaged in bloody conflict over who will become the Mahdi. Had they accepted the leadership of the Mahdi designated by God, the issue would be over in an instant. But they do not favor the Mahdi God has chosen. They wish to follow their own Mahdi. By doing so, they are constantly plagued by troubles, and draw God's wrath upon them. Since they reject the leader God has chosen for them and put forth their own false Mahdi, God punishes them.

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