Islam is everything that is beautiful

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ADNAN OKTAR: Islam is about joy, fun and games, music and everything beautiful. Islam has them all. They misrepresented Islam to people, and by doing so they wiped Islam off the face of the earth, so to speak. And all around the world, Muslims suffer abasement and oppression. They devastated the Muslim community and turned Muslims into a source of shame. There is no such thing. Islam is modernity, high-quality, beauty and love. World's most classy people are Muslims. Muslims have fun, laugh, listen to music, dress nicely; Muslim women can be well-groomed, dress as they wish, and go wherever they wish. There are forbidden and permissible deeds in Islam that Muslims should heed. A Muslim does not drink alcohol, use drugs, eat pork, blood or carcass, does not start a meal without remembering God's name, and does not commit adultery; that is all. A person who performs daily prayers, submits to and loves God, and says Laa ilaaha illaAllah Muhammadan Rasulullah is a Muslim. They complicated the religion to the point that people are virtually running away from it. In many places, the term 'Muslim' reminds people of ISIS, Taliban militants or the Rumi philosophy. The Darwinist Rumi mentality asserts that the way of Rumi has nothing to do with Islam. "What is the name of this religion?" we ask people, "It is the Rumi philosophy," they reply. They have introduced numerous deviant practices. Islam is a simple and easy religion. "How can you identify Islam with amusement?" Islam is in every part of life. God is everywhere and remembered everywhere; while having fun, running, laughing, at all places. God is our beloved; we are not away from Him. God says, "I am nearer to you than your jugular vein. Remember Me even when you are lying down." They alienated people from the religion. We thwart this game and continue to do so.

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