Adnan Oktar's live talk on A9 TV with simultaneous interpretation (Nov. 24, 2016)

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- It is such an ignominious act to demand deportation for Syrians. Everyone would want to be protected if it were their mothers, sisters, brothers in question. There should be direct negotiations between Syria and Turkey. Turkey wants to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria. God is the Greatest Power and Islamic Union is God’s promise. According to the values we have learnt from our ancestors, from our traditions and our religion, we regard our Syrian brothers as esteemed guests in Turkey.

- The fires going on in Israel is not something Muslims would rejoice in or accept. Muslims would not accept any harm falling on civilians.

- There is only one deep power in the world and that is the British Deep State. All other institutions and organizations are under the influence of the British Deep State. The British Deep State has literally got all the Middle Eastern states under its thumb. In fact the administrators in many states are citizens of the UK. It is the British Deep State that founded the PKK. Terrorist leader Ocalan himself voices this fact.

- There is an intellectual struggle between good and evil in the world. The world history is full of this struggle and right now we are witnessing the last phase of this struggle.

- The stagnation in art, the deterioration of fruits and vegetables show us from all aspects we have come to the end of the life of this world.

- God informs us that He creates economic crisis and problems specifically to draw people closer to Himself. “Were it not that mankind might all become one community, We would have given those who reject the All-Merciful silver roofs to their houses and silver stairwasy to ascend.” Qur’an, 43/33

- Hypocrites use the advanced technology of the End Times, smart phones and the Internet not for the good of Islam, but only to cause dissension and corruption. While introducing the people of the British Deep State, the hypocrites present them to Muslims as if they are religious people. Actually those are all ignominious types who are against Islam. The real faces of the hypocrites can be seen in their fake social media accounts. They share religious posts on their actual accounts while they carry out every kind of ignominy in their fake accounts. The greatest foolishness of the hypocrites is that they imagine that what they do remains secret. Yet God witnesses every moment of their lives. The hypocrites are in constant fear of getting caught. Since they carry out secret activities against Muslims, they constantly live in hiding like a mole.