Adnan Oktar's live talk on A9 TV with simultaneous interpretation (Nov. 15, 2016)

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- There is no gloom and sadness in the realm of the martyrs. Martyrs are always in delight. The realm of the martyrs is glorified place; martyrs continue their worship fastidiously there. In the realm of the martyrs the logic of this world is totally altered. In fact the life in this world is similar to the kingdom of dreams.

- A trio of forces consisting of Erdoğan, Putin and Trump will be the means for a lot of goodness in the coming days. The US was subjected to unimaginable harm during Obama's rule. Material and spiritual depression took place at his time. The world is being shaped according to the Mahdi movement. The British Deep State will be shaped accordingly and will thus be defeated.


- British Deep State used to hide behind the US in the past, but they will have no place to hide from now on. The British Deep State will be demolished intellectually by the year 2023 by the will of God. The whole world will see this come true. The British Deep State uses hypocrites for their darkest works. They used such types in Turkey’s failed coup of July 15th. Hypocrites put up with every kind of hardship to ingratiate themselves to British Deep State. Then they are abandoned and belittled. Hypocrites assume they'll gain interest by selling themselves to movement of antichrist [dajjal]. But in the end they get what they deserve. The British Deep State immorally uses both women and men homosexuals that are of hypocrites' character and leaves them aside when they are done with them. The British Deep State approaches young men and leads them to homosexuality. They make women almost like men. Then they use all of them for their dark works. The social media accounts of hypocrites are like mirrors. Hypocrites use their social media accounts to make posts only for their interests and doesn't ever mention subjects that matter to Muslims.

They mention topics that are of interest to them and they don't tell anything in favor of Islam. The British Deep State influences hypocrites by praising them. They literally go insane by gushing over each other.

- Hypocrites assume they are smart as they consider themselves to influence people's subconscious by making hidden propaganda. By using all kinds of art like paintings, books and poems the British Deep State drive people into a pessimistic and dark world and inculcate a disgusting life. Despite all their foolishness hypocrites assume themselves to be very clever, whereas they live in humiliation in a world filled with devils.

- One of the hidden qualities of hypocrites is that they are filthy to the extent of grossness. The reason we insist on subject of hypocrites is that they are the only movement that should be struggled intellectually in the End Times. Hypocrites constantly run around like mad dogs. They run away from Islam, verses of the Qur'an and Muslims and live in contempt.  Hypocrites deny God, but they promise each other that they will be loyal to each other. They are liars. Hypocrites are immoral, yet they assume they will go to heaven despite their actions. They are sure they will be forgiven in hereafter. Hypocrites assume nothing will happen when they continue in their immoral ways, that they will definitely be forgiven. They insistently rely on this.