Adnan Oktar's live talk on A9 TV with simultaneous interpretation (Nov. 04, 2016)

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- Some people regard violence against women very easy.Our state should carry out educative programs on TV to clear away this anger towards women.

Very powerful laws protecting women should be made.The importance of treasuring &respecting women should constantly be explained w/tv shows.

- At least half of the parliament should be comprised of women. Women should be given precedence in employment at workplaces. 

One of Turkey’s best answer to Europe would be being as modern, as high-quality as possible with maximum respect for women’s rights.

- By the grace of God, we will rebuild the Masjid of Prophet Solomon (pbuh). We will revive the beautiful memory of Prophet Solomon (pbuh).

- On July 15, we had 246 martyrs, thousands of injured. EU ambassadors didn't come together and release a joint statement at that time.

- It is imperative that Turkey allies with Iran and Russia. It is important that the territorial integrity of Syria and Iraq are preserved. Turkey makes no claim on Iraq's lands. The only thing Iraq should do is guarantee that it won’t allow the PKK to operate in Iraq.