Adnan Oktar's live talk on A9 TV with simultaneous interpretation (Oct. 31, 2016)

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- Some Muslims lack the necessary experience to deal with the hypocrites. Hypocrites are incredibly sly that’s why some Muslims cannot see what’s going on.

- Hypocrites cause great problems for Muslims in many countries like Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Hypocrites are foolish; they wrongly think that their fake accounts cannot be understood. But their common character gives them away. Hypocrites are like hounds that Muslims can use to detect satan. Hypocrites inadvertently reveal all hypocrites and their weaknesses. One of the subconscious messages that hypocrites give is by posing with the book of an anti-religion person as a form of secret propaganda. At first sight, it might look like a regular picture, but he is actually promoting an anti-religion book, or a painting etc. Hypocrites have very sly methods. If he is praising someone’s books, there must be an evil motive behind it. One has to be very careful. Hypocrites pay attention to subtle details to carry out their evil propaganda. That’s why Muslims have to be very careful. There is always an evil message, a sinister goal in the writings of hypocrites, in the pictures, songs, etc., liked by them. Hypocrites suffer when they are caught. They almost feel paralyzed when their idiocy is exposed. Hypocrites steal in every way, they steal ideas too. They steal ideas to try and show themselves as being smarter than they actually are.

- They are concealing hundreds of miracles of our Prophet just to try and cover up the fact of the Mahdi. Later they’ll be ashamed of themselves. Some people, with their constant efforts to conceal miracles of our Prophet (pbuh) regarding the End Times are in a way, spiritually marked with that ugly behavior. They will be truly embarrassed in the future because of their behavior.

- God explains in the Quran that Muslims pray for a savior at times of difficulty. Praying like that is a commandment of God.

- The success of Mahdi is the success of our Prophet (pbuh). Because Mahdi is the descendant of our Prophet (pbuh)