Adnan Oktar's live talk on A9 TV with simultaneous interpretation (Oct. 20, 2016)

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- For a believer martyrdom is a wedding, it is not a funeral. Martyrs are alive. Who would want to die in bed? Martyrdom (Shahada) and dying while struggling for the cause of God is the best way to die. The families of our martyrs should never be left alone. Their homes should be like prayer houses. They should be immaculate, sparking clean places in which God's Name is mentioned every day. Their visitors should clean the house for everyone. They should say, "Mother, let us clean the house for you." They should do the dishes if there is the need to do so, they should cook for them if they don't have food.

- The British Deep State uses many young people with sly, aggressive characters and a tendency towards homosexuality as spies. These people, although considering themselves smart, are narcissistic and unfeeling. The British Deep State skillfully uses this evil character. 

- Hypocrites and deep states use the Internet to find each other and secretly communicate. 

Hypocrites are generally inclined to homosexuality. Hypocrite females show masculine traits. They are perverted, aggressive, hostile and shameless. 

- Every community of believers needs hypocrites to know satan. By observing the behavior of hypocrites, the evil methods of satan can be seen.

- If one silences one’s conscience, his conscience will surely catch up with him and will continue to warn him. Conscience is the system God uses to guide people. 

When people’s interests conflict they lose their love and become a totally different, wickedly immoral person.