Adnan Oktar's live talk on A9 TV with simultaneous interpretation (Oct. 19, 2016)

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- Homosexuality is an illegal act according to the Qur’an, the Torah and the Gospels. Muslims are obliged to speak of the foulness of acts that are illegal according to the Qur’an. 

- The likes of hypocrites in social media puts forth their identity. For instance, some like a photo that includes wine or a poem that propagates homosexuality. In this way when they are with Muslims, they tell that they are against perversions, yet by social media they signal to other that they support them. When such people come together, they use a tone advocating Darwinism, making homosexual jokes and looking down on people.

- A mechanical and soulless youth who lack profundity and don’t know about love, passion and fineness is raised for the benefit of British Deep State.

- As a requisite of trial in this world evidence for existences of God are hidden. Due to this deep unawareness and familiarity arise in some people which causes them to be weak in faith. Believers should not give in to familiarity and unawareness, they should tear the unawareness up.

- The British Deep State has existed in every arena of the disintegration of the Middle East and ruining Ottomans, yet it hid itself in a satanic structure. Now we are abolishing this secrecy by the will of God and by intellectual means. 

- Most people lack the sense of honor for Islam and Muslims and thus, they are easily defeated. That’s why the British Deep State and its philosophy is widespread and has gained strength. We have recently realized oddness in the flow of events extensively. Since then, we are insistently going hard on it and we’ll do so intellectually. 

- At the center of the deep state’s soul is oppressing, disturbing and inflicting pain on people. This is a satanic soul.

- Some people embrace the mentality behind think tanks just to get themselves in elite circles and for some pomposity. 

- Ideas are imposed on to the majority of think tanks worldwide. They don’t develop and defend a thought; they defend the thoughts that are imposed on them. 

- No one has grasped the anomaly of Darwinism that openly denies the existence of God. Advocating Darwinism was regarded as intellectualism, no one criticized it. 

- Some circles want to make Turkey enemies with Iraq, Syria and Iran. People of all three countries are our friends. Muslims are one another’s brothers. 

- The British Deep State is obsessed with destroying Syria and Iraq. Turkey supports the territorial integrity of all these countries.

- The British Deep State wants to incite Muslims against Muslims. Both Iran and Iraq are friends and brothers of Turkey.