May God grant His mercy upon our martyrs who lost their lives during the coup attempt

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KartalGöktan: The Special Operations Headquarters and the Police Air-Force Headquarters in Ankara, Golbasicame under severe attack by the coup plotters. As a result of the attack, 42 Special Operations staff were martyred. Here are pictures of some of our martyrs. Special Operations Officer EyüpOğuz. He is from Elazığ.

Adnan Oktar:Look at that honorable lion, May God bless him and his family.

KartalGöktan: Special Operations officer KübraDoğanay.

Adnan Oktar:Look at that lioness. And so beautiful, too. She is like an angel. Our martyr. Masha’ Allah, Alhamdulillah.

KartalGöktan: OfficerZeynepSağarfrom Adana

Adnan Oktar:Another lioness, a true patriot

KartalGöktan: Police Chief FikretMetinÖztürkfrom Rize- Kalkandere

Adnan Oktar:Masha’ Allah, a lion from Rize

KartalGöktan: Our police officer that was martyred yesterday during clashes, Murat Alkan

Adnan Oktar:Read again please,

KartalGöktan: Our police officer that was martyred yesterday during clashes, Murat Alkan

Adnan Oktar: Murat Alkan

KartalGöktan: NiyaziErgüven, from Kahramanmaraş

Adnan Oktar: A true patriot, a lion

KartalGöktan: Our police officer EdipZengin

Adnan Oktar: Masha’ Allah, another imposing lion

KartalGöktan: Our twin police officersAhmetOruçand Mehmet Oruç

Adnan Oktar: Masha’Allahlook at these beautiful residents of Heaven. How can a person doing this, martyring these lions have any sense, any conscience? Let’s assume that, God forbid, they succeeded in their coup attempt and took over the country. How can you be any good for the country? How can you do anything good for this country [when you can do this]? A person capable of doing this, can do anything, God forbid. What has the police done to you to warrant this? They are doing their job, they’re working to protect our country from the PKK, and you go and bomb him, and using the salary we pay to you. You go and bomb him with the salary we give to you. Then in what ways would you be different from the PKK? What kind of a mentality is this? What do you want from those innocent people, those lions? Our police forces should be very vigilant. We should increase the number of police officers around Turkey, and the number of prosecutors. We should make our police stronger, give them heavier weapons as a deterrent force.

KartalGöktan: Mr. Adnan, we would like to show the pictures of two other martyrs. Our police officer YunusUğur

AdnanOktar: Look at that lion, look at that brave, handsome lion

KartalGöktan: and Mustafa Tecimen, the head of the Special Operations Unit

Adnan Oktar: Masha’Allah, look at our patriots, our lions. May God bless them, may God pour His blessings on them. May God accept their martyrdom. We envy their martyrdom. There can be no defeat in a place where there is Mahdi system (Masha’ Allah, insha’ Allah). Because the government is moving in accord with the Mahdi system, they are protected by Hz. Khidr. They cannot hurt our country at all. Hz. Khidr quickly passed by, he made sure that the coup plotters made mistakes, and the danger is now thwarted. That’s what I heard from a saint.

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