Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 21 December 2012


Our Master, Said Nursi, was a Kurd. We take pride in his Kurdishness. Mevlana Halid was a Kurd, and we take pride in his Kurdishness. Saladin was a Kurd. We take pride in his Kurdishness. They are a blessed people, a most blessed community. Some 70%-80% of scholars and the ulema are Kurds. Great scholars, Islamic scholars, were all Kurds. It was the Islamic madrassas in the southeast that performed the widest-ranging and most profound work. Our Kurdish brothers, Kurdish teachers, and valued Kurdish mujtahid and mujaddid have always been around and have come down to us in the present in that way  .

(In its report for 2030 titled ‘Alternative Worlds,’, the National Intelligence Council, the umbrella organization for all America’s intelligence agencies, The National Intelligence Council evaluated Turkey as a member of the Middle East group rather than a Western-facing country, and one in which the Islamic identity predominated. It used to be regarded as a country closer to the West. Various writers from daily Hürriyet have criticized this image of the country.)

That image is something in destiny. They are not talking  off the tops of their heads when they say these things. They look at the Torah and the hadiths. The CIA has a special desk. That is the form their view of the historic perspective takes. They have experts made up of rabbis and religious figures. They act in the light of their opinions. In other words, there is a community of people that love and obey the Qur’an. There are statements in the hadiths. The hadiths are along these lines. They see Islamic Unity. They look at how Islamic Unity will develop in the same way that Nostradamus did. There was nothing extraordinary about Nostradamus. The CIA uses the same techniques as Nostradamus; these experts’ analyses of events are based on the hadiths of our Prophet (saas). Since they know we will reign across the world, that Islamic Unity will come about, they impart these glad tidings from that perspective. That is what is means.

(Putin has issued a statement that he is opposed to female students in the Caucasus attending school wearing the headscarf.)

He could relax if we had Islamic Unity. His fear is something different. In my view, he is afraid of the bigots.