Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 27 July 2012


TAKING CARE OF A PATIENT IS A GREAT DEED THAT WILL BE GREATLY REWARDED. IT IS A GREAT WAY OF WORSHIPPING ALLAH, A BEAUTIFUL WAY OF GAINING ALLAH’S PLEASURE. IT WILL BE A VERY FAMOUS QUALITY OF HZ. MAHDI (AS) (HELPING  PATIENTS). Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) says, “HZ.MAHDI (AS) WILL CARRY PATIENTS ON HIS BACK.” In other words, carrying a patient, let alone taking care of him, is a very difficult job. The hadith means that he will help  patients under the most difficult conditions. It is a trait of Hz. Mahdi (as). And we are the students of Hz. Mahdi (as). Therefore, we will help  patients, the needy, the poor as much as we can, using every possibility, all the time, all the means we have. It’s our destiny.

(SPIRITUALLY) DEAD PEOPLE ARE ENEMIES OF ALLAH. THEY ARE HOSTILE AND DESPICABLE LIKE GERMS BUT PEOPLE CANNOT RECOGNIZE THEM. They walk amongst people, doing all kinds of filthy deeds. But since they very much look like normal human beings, you cannot recognize them. For example, when you show him something he says he can see it, he says he cannot hear you. Actually Allah says in the verse that; “They neither see nor hear”, so they live in their second-selves. They live like zombies. THERE ARE MANY (SPIRITUALLY) DEAD PEOPLE AROUND, BUT YOU CANNOT RECOGNIZE THEM. If people actually noticed them, they would  be terrified. They are real dead people, just like the dead people in the graveyards. They have no consciousness. Allah created them only for our test. They are creatures capable of all kinds of filth and psychopathic actions.  Allah says, “You think they are alive, but they are dead”. This is a secret given by Allah. A special secret of Allah.

Surah Ibrahim


" And why indeed should we not put our trust in Allah when He has guided us to our ways??” A person has must  be insane not to put his trust in Allah. Trusting Allah is the greatest luxury ever, the greatest comfort you could ever taste.  IT HAS AN EFFECT NOT EVEN THE BEST ANTI-DEPRESSANT CAN ACHIEVE.  TRUST IS MUCH BETTER THAN ANY MEDICATION YOU COULD TAKE FOR PAIN RELIEF. People who trust Allah are always very happy, very healthy and cheerful. Those people don’t usually have health problems.


Those who were disbelievers said to their Messengers, ‘We will drive you from our land unless you return to our religion.’ Their Lord revealed to them, ‘We will destroy those who do wrong.

“Those who were disbelievers said to their Messengers:” Allah doesn’t say ‘that’, He says ‘those’ and they do bad things all the time, like they are obsessive-compulsives . " We will drive you from our land” in other words, “We won’t allow you to live  here, in our lands, in our city.” To do that, they can slander, threaten, say ‘We don’t want you there’.  “...unless you return to our religion." In other words, to their understanding of religion. Whatever religion that society has. “Their Lord revealed to them, ‘We will destroy those who do wrong..” WHY DID GADDAFI HAVE TO GO? IN LINE WITH THIS DIVINE RULE. WHY DID SADDAM HAVE TO GO? BECAUSE ALLAH WANTED IT.  MUSSOLINI, STALIN, HITLER, LENIN, THEY ALL HAD TO GO BECAUSE ALLAH WANTED THEM TO GO. ALLAH CAUGHT THEM AND THEY COULDN’T GO AGAINST ALLAH’S ORDERS. THAT WAS THEIR DESTINY.