Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 24 December 2012


(In response to an e-mail from a viewer saying; “Someone who covers her head, whether with a headscarf for something else, is regarded as covering up entirely. When Almighty Allah says in Surat an-Nur that women should cover their necks and chests, we should interpret this as meaning with a cloth on their heads.”)

Do you have any evidence? No. “…we should interpret this as meaning…” That’s what you say, , there is a ready-made faith, you have a ready-made faith in your mind, and then you start looking for it in the Qur’an. You see, it is nowhere in the Qur’an, but you start applying it. You then imagine you have resolved the issue with a fabricated explanation. That is no good. The religion must be learned directly from the Qur’an. “It can be either this or that…” What does that mean? We must do whatever Allah says. There is the jilbab that covers the head and the entire body. The Qur’an does not speak of any other kind of covering. Women used to go round with their  breasts uncovered in those days, and Allah tells them to cover up. That is the commandment in Surat an-Nur. The commandment in Surat al-Ahzab refers to covering the entire body. Look, Surat an-Nur does not refer to covering the chest alone.

The Qur’an is quite clear and explicit. Allah says He explains things clearly so we can understand them; so that everyone can understand, so that the deniers can understand. Deniers reject it even though they believe with their consciences. The Qur’an is quite explicit. Anyone who reads it can understand it. Look, Allah speaks of unbelievers; “...they repudiated them wrongly and haughtily, in spite of their own certainty about them.” says Allah. He does not say they do not understand. He says they believe in their hearts, but they reject it out of pride, arrogance and wickedness.


The markets of paradise are very fine. Incomparably better than our modern malls. You can get the clothes you want, sit in the restaurants you want and eat the foods you want. And you never feel full. The waiters are all very attractive. They consist of handmaids and servants created by Allah. They greet you when you arrive and leave. The gardens of paradise are boundless. Allah creates our escalators. Allah also creates our malls, as examples to assist our understanding. People imagine that human beings make malls. Allah makes them, so we can grasp the markets of paradise. There is a hadith that says, “There are fine pictures of people in paradise. People look at them and say, ‘What a most attractive person.’ As they say that, they will see that they have assumed that same form.” “We created their clothing,” says Almighty Allah. People imagine that factories make them. No factory makes any clothes. Allah makes them all, but people imagine that factories make them, out of a need for natural causes. No factory makes televisions, radios or any technical devices. Allah makes them all. But since the system is miraculous and Allah has created a perfect chain of cause and event, people are unaware of this fact. Allah has veiled it with innumerable  details. Take a fan. We press a button and it seems to start working. We imagine that is why it happens. But when we raise our hands we are actually praying. Allah turns the fan round. The image forms in our brains. Coolness is a sensation given in our bodies. Allah bestows feelings of hot and cold on us.

There is nothing more delicious in this world than faith. Faith, love of Allah, is also the most delicious thing in paradise.  Our Lord will appear in the form of an attractive young person. In a hadith the Prophet (saas) says, “Almighty Allah will manifest Himself every Friday.” Allah will greet people. “Salaam Alaikum” “Alaikum Salaam , O Lord,” they say. That is where the greatest pleasure lies, he says. Allah also appears in a bush. He speaks to the Prophet Moses (pbuh) from it: “I am Allah,” He says. “Do not fear,” He says. “Cast down your staff,” He says. When my beloved one throws it down and sees the form of a snake, he runs away without looking behind him.

(In response to a mail from a viewer saying, “My friend is in love with a Christian man. Is it permissible for her to marry with him without the man becoming a Muslim?”)

He must have  plenty of money and a fine car. There is a love of possessions there. Being in love with Allah is different. Someone in love with possessions follows them and loves them for possessions. But a lover of Allah loves for Allah’s sake. If one loves for Allah’s sake, one will be happy in this world and the hereafter. In other words, the first thing a Muslim woman must look for is piety. What is this person looking for? Money. What do they get married with? Money. The first thing a Muslim woman must look for is whether the other person devotes himself to Allah or not. Whether he is in love with Allah. What is this thing you call ‘love'? Self-interest. Our Prophet (saas) says; “They who marry for possessions will be deprived of their possessions,  and those who marry for beauty will be deprived of beauty. But those who marry for faith will be happy.” The Qur’an does not tell people to marry Christian men. It says Muslim men can marry Christian women, People of the Book. The statement in the Qur’an is crystal clear. It does not say that women should go and marry Christians.