Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 04 November 2012


What We Said One Month Ago Is Now Being Implemented As Global Policy

(Mikhail Bogdanov, Deputy Foreign Minister and special Middle East representative to Russian head of state Vladimir Putin, said of tripartite negotiations regarding Syria, “We are ready to take our place in such tripartite group discussions.” He also emphasized his belief in the usefulness of all kinds of dialogue mechanisms that might produce a solution to the very serious problems in Syria acceptable to all sides.)

Allah, Allah. I sit while my ideas are taking over, not just in Turkey, but all over the world. Look, I said this just recently, just a month ago. I said this, and now it is being implemented as global policy, masha’Allah. Eventually they will do what I said, insha’Allah.


The Beauties of Paradise

Almighty Allah always speaks of lofty mansions in paradise. He says there are rivers flowing beneath it. If there are rivers flowing beneath it, then that part must be very high. The mansions are high up, He says. That means that human beings delight in high places. That delight is in their hearts. People do not like low-lying places. Nobody wants a subterranean home, for instance. They want them high up, on a plateau, high-up, with a nice view. Paradise is the place of such delight, insha’Allah. There is no boredom, fear, tension, jealousy or envy there. Only love of Allah and joy and friendship and appreciation of Allah. He is appreciated very well there. One will eat a candy and say, “Alhamdulillah, how well You have created, O Lord,” in comparison with things in this world. One will eat fruit and give thanks to Allah. One will be with one’s wife and give thanks to Allah. One will never get enough of Allah’s beauty and manifestations. One will love animals. There are birds, squirrels, goats, lambs and everything there. Paradise has been created specially. Dinosaurs. The dinosaurs of paradise, insha’Allah; one can ride around on their backs. Because Almighty Allah says, “Everything that you want.” One just has to think of it. It is created the moment you think of it, we are given moral virtue and instruction by it. Allah wants to be loved and appreciated. We must love and appreciate and trust in Almighty Allah. We must recognize His greatness and understand or seek to understand His might, to the extent that He permits. However much Almighty Allah creates. Paradise is the abode of liberty. We will be free in paradise. We will be untroubled. The body will inflict no trouble on us in paradise, no discomfort. For example, evening comes as a light shadow in paradise, “It is evening,” people say. Then the light increases a little and they say, “It is morning.” That is what day and night are like in paradise. What about sleep? We will go 24 hours without sleeping, or 72 hours. Sleep will not come. We will not feel sleepy for a month, or a million years. Or a trillion years, there is no end to it. We will be in a delightful state with the prophets and guides and those who live by good moral values, insha’Allah. Paradise is the abode of the lover, where intense love is experienced. There is sexuality in paradise. They say there is not. But how can there not be? That is fixed in verses of the Qur’an and the hadiths. And why should there not be? Sexuality is bad if it is illegitimate. But sexuality is fine if it is legitimate. It expresses love in the highest quality way. You express love with five senses. Why should that be ugly or wrong? May Almighty Allah give us depth in paradise. May He give us the moral values of paradise. May He open our horizons. May He protect us from satan’s evil and wickedness. Satan has no pity. May Almighty Allah make us victorious in the war against satan. May He make us victorious in the war against our earthly passions. This world is transient. We suddenly say, “Bismillah” and pass to the other world. It is like a door opening up, or going to sleep. We will think we are sleeping, insha’Allah. Muslims’ souls will be taken very gently, with love. They come with escorts. Muslims are shown huge respect as their souls are taken. They are taken with love. But when unbelievers’ souls are taken, may Allah forbid, they are beaten very badly. The angels beat them very terribly. They hit them on the back and face and everywhere as their souls are taken. They realize right away from that beating that they are going to hell. Believers also realize from those fine compliments and love that they are going to paradise. Azrail (pbuh) is full of love for believers. He treats them with love. And they will be with their loved ones. People they know will come alongside Azrail (pbuh) so they can experience that love. He will come with people the individual loves, so they do not need to feel afraid or alarmed. “The people I love are with me,” the person will say, so there is no need to fear. Allah says He will take their souls “gently.” The fact the people they love are with him is highly significant because people are seeing Azrail (pbuh) for the first time, but they already know the people they know, from beforehand. They embrace them. “Let us go together,” they say. And that is all, insha’Allah. The test is very pleasant for believers. It is always aimed at honoring them. Their good sides are cited. “You did this…” “Yes, I did,” they will say. “And you gave alms,” “True.” Masha’Allah, He lists them all one by one. But Allah only bestows this pleasantness on believers. It makes things easy for believers, it is enjoyable and a pleasure. It eases their hearts. But being an unbeliever is very difficult, very painful and troubling, may Allah forbid.


China Will Be Weakened If It Restricts Liberties

(The New York Times carried a report about the Chinese president amassing a fortune of $2.7 billion. The Chinese government then banned access to the daily’s Chinese-language web site and Twitter address. Last month, too, access was banned to the Bloomberg publishing organ that carried a report about the future presidents’ relatives’ business links.)

China will be weakened if it restricts liberties. What is the point? China should be like Europe. What is the point of this oppression and lovelessness? Why are you spreading this fear around? Abolish the death penalty for one thing. Death is the punishment for everything there. Abolish capital punishment and severe sentences. China should be like Europe. There should be a warm and moderate climate. People should be joyful. Europe would support it then, Turkey and everyone would support it. China must make a historic step on this. China must do away with that the ruthlessness and cruelty of the old Cold War times.


It Is Very Important To Make Children Happy

It is lovely for children to be happy. Give them a tiny something and it makes them really happy. Children should always be made happy. They enjoy asking for something when they are traveling somewhere. One should let them have it at once. That is not going to spoil a child. And so what if it does? But it does not have to be the family. Other people they love should also keep buying them presents. If you love, that is great. Someone else’s child is fine, but one’s own child is a huge blessing for one. That is a person created by Allah. Allah creates them for the whole world. Everyone has a responsibility. Everyone must take an interest in their health. Everyone must contribute to their well-being, joy and happiness. When one sees a little thing in a shop one should ask [the parent] “I like your child very much, may I give him this as a present?” even if it is expensive. One should buy gifts. That is a good thing, insha’Allah.


The Climate of Violence Established By The Pkk Can Only Be Eliminated By An Intellectual Struggle

I saw a headline saying, “The PKK martyrs Kurds more than it does anyone else.” That is actually how the PKK acquired its first strength by martyring our Kurdish brothers. It spread terror and established a climate of fear, thus imposing itself. This is not the kind of language to be used in propaganda against them. If you say, “The PKK is martyring Kurds,” many people will react by saying, “Then we must oppose the PKK.” People will then say, “This is a very strong and violent organization, and the state cannot cope with it. It kills and terrorizes people. So I had best try and get on with it.” They will say, “If they want my child, I will decide to let them take him off to the mountains as a terrorist.” They will think that this appeasement will let them off the hook because it is a huge mafia-type organization; it uses mafia methods. That is where the mafia’s own success stems from. There is no law at work here. The mafia wants people to hear about its iniquities. They kill people in a horrifying way and they want that to appear in the press. That does not work against them. It just strengthens the mafia. And it will not harm the PKK for people to hear about its savageries. That will strengthen it. Therefore, the solution lies not in headlines like that. Stressing their moral aspects will not get us anywhere, either. The solution lies in telling people about signs leading to faith, the miracles of the Qur’an and the invalidity of Marxism and Leninism. It is easy to get an ignorant person to believe in Marxism and Leninism. One can convince someone of the truth of Marxism and Leninism in a single evening. That does not take a long training. It is easy to tell people about Marxism. There is nothing complex about it. That is why people quickly adopt Marxist thinking. When it comes to the creation of the universe they even say, may Allah forbid, “Allah does not exist.” That is a perfectly ordinary thing for them to say. “The universe came into being by chance,” they say. “Living things came into being by chance, as the result of an explosion.” “And history,” they say, “also operates through coincidences. The Stone Age, the Middle Ages,” they say all kinds of things like that. “The first communal age came to an end,” they say. “Then the feudal age began. And then the capitalist age. We are now in the transition to another communal period,” they say. “History goes in cycles,” they maintain. These are very simple and facile statements. “There is nothing complicated in the world,” they say. Even when they say, may Allah forbid, that “Allah does not exist,” the impression in people’s minds is still a very simple one, primitive. “Thesis clashes with antithesis,” they say. “There is a constant state of conflict,” they say. That is not hard to understand. It takes no more than two hours to tell someone about Marxism. One can turn someone into a  Marxist in two or three  hours. It is easy to destroy. As Bediüzzaman says, destruction is easy, but restoration is difficult. That is why it is so important to support people who talk about the signs leading to faith. It is very important to support people who talk about the miracles of the Qur’an and the invalidity of Darwinism and materialism. Then people will follow a rational line. The weapons of the dajjal are simple. The system of the Mahdi is difficult. Since the way of the Mahdi is valuable, it crosses difficult roads. Everything is easy in the system of the dajjal. The dajjal’s job is easy. “In other words, destruction and demolition give results very quickly,” says Bediüzzaman. In other words, he is saying; “The dajjal has this advantage. Repairs are difficult.”  That is why the system of the Mahdi moves forward in the long-term, doing repair work. In that way it corrects the system of unbelief.


Putin Is the Most Important Russian Leader For The Last Century

(Russian Minister of Education Livanoc issued a statement in the wake of complaints by 5,000 primary students in the Stavrapol region that they were not allowed into school for wearing the headscarf. The Minister announced that students would be able to attend school wearing the headscarf. Putin also said this on the subject; “We must always feel a deep respect of people’s religious beliefs. We must take care over this in all government actions. Second, we are a secular country, and we must abide by those requirements.”)

From what I can tell, Putin is the most perfect Russian leader for a century. I can even say is the most immaculate European leader. He is exceedingly strong, he cares for his nation, he is on the side of truth and defends the true faith, true Islam. He is exceedingly respectful toward all religions. He respects Christianity and Judaism, too. He is someone who is easy to speak to and come to an agreement on this. He is not stubborn or obdurate. He is very modest. When he sees something attractive, he immediately turns toward it; but he of course opposes what is wrong. Of course he makes mistakes, that is a separate issue. But these aspects of his are immaculate. That is why it will be very beneficial for our government to collaborate with Putin. Obama is also very reasonable. And Putin, too. We must make good use of this period. In particular, we must make good use of Putin’s time. China can also be won over when talked to. We must tell the truth with great patience.