Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 12 October 2012


A9 TV, 12 October 2012

(In response to an e-mail of an audience-member “Some diseases befall people. This is very painful. What is the wisdom in it?”)

Pain and suffering make us understand that this world is transitory. Just think about how human beings would be like if there were no diseases, pain or death at all. Weaknesses, diseases, deaths and pain simply make people feel closer to Allah with exuberance. Indeed ,Allah grants them to people as a blessing so that they no longer get involved with the trifling matters of this world that make them love themselves. It seems like a scourge but it is a blessing, for they are instrumental in making people attain eternal life. Otherwise people forget Allah. How horrible it is!

May Allah forbid, one forgets the love of Allah. How horrible it is! It ensures one to draw closer to Allah and have a profound love of Him. Think of yourself and your close ones. You have probably seen those who went through serious diseases. You have probably seen how conceited, arrogant people turn into innocent people of love. They change drastically. Allah gives pain and suffering, but He also cures them. Allah creates medicine that will alleviate even the severest pain. It is Allah Who creates both the pain and medicine. Allah eliminates the pain through medicine. It is Allah Who eliminates the pain, but He makes the medicine instrumental in that. In the verse, Allah states that He does not give the kind of burden that one can not put up with. No one encounters anything that he can not resist.